Slap Business Tools

Let’s say you need to create a challenge for your business, charity, or institution. One of the most difficult tasks is finding the right people to participate and measuring results. Now, with Slap Business Tools, we’ve made this much easier.

Challenge Insights gives you an unprecedented look at your challenge from new perspectives. Choose a challenge that you are running (or have run in the past) and view analytics such as: where users are participating from, on which kinds of platforms and devices, and when. You can export your participant results – obtaining email addresses, name, and link to their Slap profile.

Slap Business ToolsUser Research will allow you to search Slap for users that have participated in challenges related to yours. For example, if you want to find health enthusiasts, search for “Health” and get a list of participants in health-related challenges. You can see if they were a winner, participant, or owner – as well as their ranking via our patent-pending Seal Score. The best part? You can choose those best fitting your criteria and send them laser-targeted invitations to your challenge.

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